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Landscape Design and Installation – Karl’s Landscaping will work with you to design, layout and install landscaping that meets your needs, fits your style and is within your budget. We provide a cost estimate. We provide quick, clean, and quality service. References available on request.

Lawn and Sprinkler Installation – Karl’s landscaping creates a smooth lawn surface, and install lawns of all sizes using sod or hydro-seed. Sprinkler systems are an option.

Tree and Shrub Experts – Our staff specializes in selecting attractive trees and shrubs for your landscaping that compliment the house, add color or shade where needed, and are suitable for our Minnesota climate. Prior to leaving your home or business, we will teach you how to care for your plantings. Trees and shrubs are purchased from a local supplier and guaranteed for a full year.

Rock and Mulch – Rock and mulch along with the proper underlayment provide ground cover to prevent weed growth in your landscaping. We will help you pick the size, color and style to meet your needs and compliment your home. There are many styles of edging available to help contain the groundcover and provide form to the landscaping.

Drainage Correction – Many houses have problems with water draining into the basement. We have worked to correct this problem for over 35 years by grading the slope to drain away from the house (both above and below ground) and may incorporate hidden drainage devices.

Patios, Walkways, and Driveways – We construct patios, walkways and driveways that are attractive, functional, and add value to your house. We will work with you to select materials (brick, natural stone, pavers, asphalt, concrete) and design the layout to meet your needs. When designing your patio, we take into consideration the patio purpose, the appearance, suitability to our climate, and your personal style.

Retaining Walls – We design and install boulder, block, stone, and timber walls for functionality and style. Retaining walls may be constructed to support hillsides, prevent erosion, create a garden, compliment landscapes, or to level sloped yards.

Water Features – A water feature, such as a fountain, waterfall, creek-bed or pond can be a peaceful addition to your landscape, attract wildlife and block background noise.

Outdoor Living Spaces – Our staff keeps up to date with new ideas for outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and barbeques that can add warmth and functionality to a landscape design. We install these features to enhance your time outside with friends and family.

Fences and Decks - We have been constructing fences and decks for over 35 years, and will help you pick materials within your price range that meets your needs whether it is for privacy, shade, security or style.

Tree and Shrub Trimming, Pruning and Removal – We provide tree and shrub trimming, removal, and pruning to maintain your landscape, remove unwanted vegetation and cleanup after storms. Tree stump grinding is also available.

Spring and Fall Clean-ups – We remove leaves and trim back perennials.

Snow Plowing and Removal - We provide snow plowing in select areas of Wayzata and Plymouth, and snow removal from roofs.